Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Fnality has appointed Olga Zoutendijk as Chairwoman

Fnality International has announced the appointment of Olga Zoutendijk as Chairwoman of the Board of Directors. She will be responsible for overseeing Fnality International’s development and the rollout of its international, regulated network of distributed Financial Market Infrastructures (dFMIs), the first of which is scheduled for later this year.

Olga Zoutendijk is a renowned global banker, having held senior executive roles in wholesale, investment and retail banking in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States for over 25 years. In May 2016, she was appointed Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of ABN AMRO Group. Olga Zoutendijk was the first woman to lead a Supervisory Board of a stock exchange listed company in the history of the Netherlands. She joined the Board of Governors of Leiden University, one of the leading international research universities in Europe, in June 2016.  In April 2019, she was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of Julius Baer Group, the Swiss-based international wealth management group.

Olga Zoutendijk has a successful track record of driving profitable business growth and innovation, building high performance teams and leading sustainability and diversity initiatives. As a member of the Advisory Board of Money 20/20 RiseUp, she actively supports young women in FinTech and financial services, to help them achieve their full potential and to address the diversity imbalance in senior management in those industries. She will continue to champion diversity and inclusion efforts at Fnality. Olga Zoutendijk is a sought-after keynote speaker at global FinTech and corporate governance conferences, including Money 20/20, LendIt FinTech, Global WealthTech Summit and the Professional Boards Forum.

Founded in 2019 by a consortium of global financial institutions, Fnality International is building a regulated payment system to support the growing industry adoption of tokenised assets and marketplaces. By using distributed ledger technology (DLT), Fnality will offer its participants and central banks a simpler, faster, safer, and more resilient system for managing payments.

Commenting on Olga Zoutendijk’s appointment, Fnality CEO, Rhomaios Ram, said: “It is an honour to have someone as accomplished as Olga join Fnality as Chairwoman. Her inclusive leadership style, skills and vast global experience across key senior leadership positions in the financial industry are highly valuable to the company. Olga shares our vision for exploring the full potential of decentralised finance within traditional banking, and we very much look forward to working closely with her over the coming years.”

Commenting on her new role at Fnality, Olga Zoutendijk, said: “I am very pleased to become part of Fnality’s exciting and groundbreaking journey. The company is well positioned to act as an effective bridge between traditional and decentralised finance. Its founding shareholders have demonstrated foresight and commitment to build a regulated wholesale banking solution that is set to transform how payments are processed and settled globally. I look forward to working with Rhom and the management team, my Board colleagues and the other key stakeholders.

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