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Thursday, May 30, 2024

First episode of NatWest documentary airs

The one hour programme focused on the NatWest branch in Huddersfield as Deputy Branch Manager, Claire Blakey, stepped up to cover the Branch Manager’s maternity leave and led the team to improve the branch’s customer service score.

Ross McEwan, RBS CEO explained the decision to let a film crew into a NatWest branch: “I think this is important for RBS because we do want to be a much more open bank. We’ve got 90,000 people who get out of bed and want to do a good job for customers and I hope this series shows that. It is a brave call to open ourselves up, it certainly would not have happened before 2008 and that just shows the change that’s happening in this bank.”

In Huddersfield the branch team have been inundated with compliments and messages from customers and staff from across the UK and, having seen the programme for the first time last night, have been reflecting on what they saw.

Claire Blakey, Deputy Branch Manager said: “It’s never nice watching yourself back on TV but we have had some lovely feedback from customers and other people in the bank. It’s a shame they didn’t properly explain our service target as we are trying to make sure at least 60% of our customers are extremely satisfied. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the other 40% are not happy with what we’re doing. The 60% is an initial minimum target, we’d love to reach 100% one day. Other than that I thought the team came across really well, answering some very difficult questions and dealing with difficult situations. We are already looking forward to next week’s episode.”

Gary Tetlow, Mortgage Adviser at the branch said: “Obviously I knew the production team had chosen to include footage of me making a rare mistake in the first episode which was far from ideal so I wasn’t looking forward to seeing it on screen. It was challenging being filmed and a difficult experience dealing with an unhappy customer in front of the camera. I’m looking forward to seeing the next two episodes as hopefully there will be some happier outcomes.”

Richard Wilkinson, Customer Adviser said: “I thought the programme was straight and honest, that is what we are like in Huddersfield. I’m glad it showed that the culture has changed. Even though we have a target to reach, it’s now only to make sure we are giving the best possible service to customers and not to make sales like in the past.”

Episode two will air on Tuesday 30 June at 9pm.

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