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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Sber presents its new supercomputer, Christofari Neo

Sber and its subsidiary SberCloud, a cloud service provider, have presented Russia’s all-new high-performance supercomputer Christofari Neo. Executive Vice President of Sberbank, CTO of Sber, and Head of Technology David Rafalovsky presented the supercomputer at the international conference AI Journey 2021.


At the core of the supercomputer are A100 Tensor Core GPUs, which deliver unprecedented acceleration at every scale for AI, while their 80 GB memory allows users to work with large AI models and data pools.
Christofari Neo is perfect for training and inference when it comes to transformer models with the latest architecture trained on large data sets. SberDevices and Sber AI teams were the first to have pilot access to Christofari Neo. Thanks to ML Space, the SberDevices team switched between the supercomputers seamlessly, optimizing the costs and speed of training for the ruGPT-3 & family transformer models available for further training and testing on SberCloud.


David Rafalovsky, executive vice president of Sberbank, CTO of Sberbank Group, head of Technology:
“The Christofari Neo supercomputer will enable Sber to bring computing speeds to the next level, unlocking new opportunities for us to implement breakthrough services and products with underlying cutting-edge technology. SberCloud’s current and new customers will have access to the capacities of two supercomputers at once. The important thing that has remained unchanged is the ease of use of the new
supercomputer since Christofari Neo is closely integrated with the ML Space and Christofari platforms. This means customers can access the performance they need as quickly and easily as ever.”

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