Saturday, June 15, 2024

Sabeer Nelli Congratulates the Zil Money Team for Processing 14 Million Checks Till Date

Sabeer Nelli, the CEO and Founder of Zil Money,  expressed his gratitude and excitement that Zil Money Corporation, a leading B2B fintech company, has reached a major milestone by processing 14 million checks. This achievement highlights their commitment to transforming the financial industry with innovative and reliable solutions. Since its inception, Zil Money has focused on providing efficient, secure, user-friendly check management for businesses and individuals. This milestone demonstrates the platform’s ability to handle high transaction volumes with precision and reliability.

“We’re proud to have processed 14 million checks, and I want to congratulate the Zil Money team for this achievement! Your dedication reshapes finance and paves the way for a brighter financial future,” said Sabeer.

“This milestone shows our commitment to excellence and inspires us to innovate. We aim to make financial operations easier for users, and this milestone is a big step in that direction,” he added.

Zil Money has recently become a Visa Fast Track Member, a program tailored to expediting the integration of innovative financial services into Visa’s digital payment ecosystem. This move grants Zil Money direct access to Visa’s extensive global network, expert resources, and cutting-edge technologies. Through this strategic partnership, Zil Money is poised to swiftly expand its operations and enhance the payment process, ultimately leading to improved service delivery for its global customer base.

The payment SaaS platform provides a complete set of financial tools to simplify and automate business check transactions. The platform caters to diverse client needs with features like check printing, electronic checks, mail checks, etc. Zil Money’s success comes from its focus on customers, constantly improving technology and the dedication of its team.

Zil Money provides various financial services, such as check printing and advanced financial tools, which are always improving to make finances easier and safer for users. With recent recognition and ongoing support, Sabeer sees a bright future for innovation and leadership in fintech. The payment platform offers advanced features like Positive Pay to prevent check fraud and a comprehensive mobile app for enhanced security and productivity. Zil Money Corporation, the parent company of – powered by Zil Money, Zil US, and, connects with over 22,000 banks, simplifying multi-account management. With support for ACH, checks, and wire payments, it caters to various user needs and holds a significant position in the fintech sector.

Zil Money’s Payroll by Credit Card feature is becoming popular with small businesses for convenience. It provides an easy way to handle payroll using credit cards, helping owners address cash flow challenges and ensuring timely employee payments. The feature integrates smoothly with accounting systems and enables payments through printed or emailed checks. Users also enjoy benefits like cash-back rewards, tax advantages, improved cash management, and the opportunity to earn reward points with every transaction.

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