Monday, June 24, 2024

Moody’s and Google Cloud Partner on Generative AI Applications Tailored for Financial Services Professionals

Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) and Google Cloud today announced a new strategic partnership to explore bringing together Moody’s expertise in financial analysis and Google Cloud’s advanced generative AI (gen AI) technologies to help Moody’s customers and employees leverage new large language models (LLMs) to glean new financial insights and summarize financial data faster.

The partnership is premised on three core objectives:

Building LLMs to Accelerate Financial Analysis: Powered by Google Cloud’s gen AI platform, Vertex AI, and leveraging Moody’s unique analytical expertise, Moody’s and Google will explore co-creation of fine-tuned LLMs purpose-built for financial professionals, enabling customers to perform faster, deeper analyses of financial reports, disclosures and other materials. For example, customers will be able to interrogate, analyze, and draw decision-ready insight directly from financial disclosures.

Enabling Access to Moody’s Data in BigQuery for Financial Insights: Moody’s will enable access to its proprietary datasets through BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse, which helps customers manage, query, and analyze data. This integration will allow customers to combine Moody’s vast databases with their native data assets, and use them in combination with LLMs in Vertex AI. Customers will be able to build and access AI models, accelerating time-to-value through increased efficiency and individualized use cases for financial services professionals.

Enhancing Enterprise Search for Financial Data: Moody’s will introduce Vertex AI Search to increase efficiencies by automating manual workflows and combining multiple data sets for easier summation, deeper insights, and overall improved productivity.

“Moody’s deep expertise in understanding financial data, disclosures, and reporting uniquely position us to anchor development of fine-tuned large language models,” said Nick Reed, Chief Product Officer, Moody’s Corporation. “Through this partnership, research teams at Moody’s and Google Cloud will collaborate on fine-tuned LLMs and AI applications that will enable financial service professionals to produce new, proprietary insights faster than ever before.”

“Our collaboration with Moody’s is a blueprint for how advanced gen AI technology can drive efficiencies for financial institutions and employees in the financial services industry,” said Phil Moyer, VP, Global AI Business and Solutions, Google Cloud. “By combining Google Cloud’s cutting-edge gen AI capabilities with Moody’s expertise, we can help customers make better decisions and employees be more productive.”

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