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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
City Week 2023

ClearScore Introduces Enhanced Support for Employees Experiencing Menopause and Enhanced Support for Baby Loss

ClearScore, the UK’s leading free credit score and report app, today announced it has signed the menopause workplace pledge and has published a new menopause policy for employees affected by hormonal imbalances because of menopause (including perimenopause and post-menopause). ClearScore has also published an enhanced policy for the loss of a baby. ClearScore will offer a range of support to employees, including:

  • Menopause leave – up to five days paid leave per annum for the first two years of symptoms, followed by a bespoke working pattern that works for each individual woman’s circumstances
  • Baby loss leave – automatic one month leave for any stage of baby loss and full maternity entitlement after six months of baby loss for mum. For mum’s partner, two weeks paid leave for any stage of baby loss and one month paid leave after six months.
  • Flexible working – to attend appointments and help cope with fatigue or dealing with other symptoms
  • Working from home – hybrid working available for all employees as well as home equipment to create a comfortable working environment
  • Medical support – fortnightly in-person GP appointments and 24/7 virtual GP support via Babylon Health
  • Education app – partnering with Fertifa to provide 24/7 access to self-service content for the menopause, women’s health and fertility.
  • Wellbeing – encouragement to use the Balance menopause app to track symptoms and generate a health report, plus an Employee Assistance Programme providing extensive, professional support

The new menopause and baby loss policies build on ClearScore’s recent launch of a new maternity pension policy offering full base pay employee pension contributions for working Mums for the full duration of maternity leave. ClearScore’s generous maternity policy also provides full pay for the first six months of maternity leave (for employees with a minimum six months tenure) and a further twenty five percent pay for the remaining six months.

Louise Jones, Chief People Officer at ClearScore, said: “We want to normalise the conversation on the menopause and at the same time provide extra support for employees who have menopausal symptoms that impact their work or their employee experience. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where our employees who are experiencing menopause-related symptoms are supported by ClearScore and their managers. We have deep, personal awareness of the impact of baby loss and want to support staff at ClearScore by increasing leave time for the devastating impact of loss.”

ClearScore has a track record of providing innovative and generous parental benefits:

  • Talking Talent – partnership with coaching firm focused on supporting working parents and caregivers at ClearScore, providing coaching support for all employees so everyone feels empowered. Employees benefit from:
    • Working Parent Coaching programme for expectant mums or mums returning to work: a 6-month confident comeback programme to help mums prepare for maternity leave, help them on maternity leave and then upon their return. The programme also includes 1-1 coaching for managers of those who take parental leave to ensure the best support is given.
    • Group coaching workshops on a range of topics, for example thriving/ financial well-being.
    • Coaching via an online platform for ALL employees who are looking for support with wellbeing, work/life balance, confidence, working parents and more. All of this support is easily accessible through Talking Talent Online. Reaching out to a coach is simple, and they are available 24/7.
  • Anya app, an award-winning FemTech startup to support parental wellbeing and the early parenthood and feeding journey. Anya is an easy-to-use app which utilises cutting-edge 3D interactive and Artificial Intelligence technology to help parents and parents-to-be learn vital parenting and infant feeding skills. The app also allows users to connect with others for invaluable peer-to-peer and professional support anywhere and anytime
  • Maternity leave – For the first 6 months of maternity leave, employees receive full pay (if over six months tenure, statutory maternity if less).
  • Paternity leave – 2 months of paternity leave, at full pay, to use flexibly over 12 months (if over six months tenure, 1 month if less).
  • Flexible working – never missing an important moment such as sports day or assembly, as well as being at the school gates.
  • Fertifa – 24/7 access to self-service content fertility, family forming and Men’s reproductive health.
  • Slack parents’ network – a powerful internal support network of ideas, encouragement, celebrations, and truth

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