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Monday, May 20, 2024

eToro Announces Major Charting Upgrade in Partnership With Tradingview

Trading and investing platform eToro, today announced a major upgrade to its charting functionality in partnership with TradingView, a  market leader in charting and analysis tools.

eToro will now be providing users with state of the art charts coupled with an intuitive user interface including an easily accessible sidebar for all of the analysis tools. There will also be mobile-friendly charts optimised for touch screen devices.

Gili Wolff, Senior Director of Product Management at eToro, said: “Our goal is to provide our users with the tools they need to become successful traders and investors. Through our partnership with TradingView, users will gain access to the very best charting tools, allowing them to make better informed trading and investing decisions. Initial user feedback is very positive and we are excited to further deliver on our charting roadmap.” 


  • Double the analysis tools i.e., everything users had before plus extended Fibonacci, Gann, and Elliot analysis tools;
  • 100+ indicators for the most popular trading strategies;
  • 50+ drawing tools to plan trades;
  • Option to see asset prices within the last week, day,  four hours, one hour, 30 minutes, five minutes and one minute.

Coming soon

A second phase to this charting upgrade is coming soon and will enable our users to:

  • Trade directly from the charts: allowing users to quickly and easily execute trades without having to switch back and forth between different sections of the platform;
  • Access more analysis tools: providing even more options for technical analysis.
  • Use layout feature: enabling access charts users have previously created;
  • Enable dark mode: an option which is easier on the eyes for those who prefer to trade in low-light conditions.

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