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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Divi Introduces Mobile Staking Vaults, an Industry-First for Crypto Wallets

Decentralized payments ecosystem, Divi Project, has taken another major step towards its goal to create an easy to use, private payment solution, with the launch of its proprietary, 1-click mobile staking vaults. Engineered for the mainstream user, the technology enables DIVI coin owners to stake and earn at the press of a button, while maintaining sovereignty, autonomy, and security over their coins.

Developed by Divi Labs, Divi’s decentralized fintech innovation centre, the staking vaults deliver ground-breaking advancements in cryptocurrency earnings technology. Unlike other forms of staking, Divi’s vaults do not require an always-on internet connection to run after set-up, no technical expertise is needed to install them, and by removing the need for a third-party custodian or pool manager, they put the user in full control of how their coins are staked.

DIVI holders can stake any amount of their coins, withdrawals are allowed at any time and there’s no lockout period. The coins never leave the wallet and all processing is done in the cloud, ensuring the highest levels of security and control. Returns are estimated at 20.7% APY. Currently there is 1.3bn DIVI across its mobile and desktop masternodes and an estimated 873m DIVI across its desktop staking nodes.

Nick Saponaro, co-founder and CEO, Divi said: “By pushing complexity to the background we’ve ensured that anyone can put their coins to work and be rewarded for securing our network. Divi’s Staking Vaults ensure anyone who owns DIVI can earn no matter how much they hold or the technology/bandwidth at their disposal.”

“The beauty of this technology is multi-faceted. There’s no counterparty or middle-man risk as the user retains the coins and keys. In addition, it allows decentralized node deployment from a mobile device, where currently, all implementations require some level of custody.”

Divi’s ‘Smart Wallet’, which launched in the US earlier this year, already comes loaded with innovative features and proprietary technologies that solve the issues of usability and accessibility that have frustrated mainstream crypto use. They include:

  • The company’s patent pending 1-click masternode (mMOCCI) technology

  • Readable addresses that take the risk out of sending/receiving cryptocurrency

  • A familiar and intuitive onboarding process and user experience not found in many decentralized wallets

Launched with four cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and DIVI, Divi intends to quickly expand the digital and local currencies available as well as adding on-ramps, to enable users to easily convert their crypto into fiat currency and vice-versa. Available in the US only at present, the wallet is scheduled to launch in the UK and EU by the end of October.

The Divi Project was established in 2017 to accelerate crypto’s mainstream adoption. Through Divi Labs, the company is developing world-class decentralized solutions that make cryptocurrency faster, more secure, and accessible to people at all levels of technical expertise.

Divi’s wallet is available today in the App Store and Google Play.

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