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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
City Week 2023

RubyDex: A Rising High-Performance and Secure Hybrid Decentralized Exchange

RubyDex.com, a fast and secure hybrid decentralized exchange focused on perpetual contracts, recently launched its mainnet on Arbitrum One on January 20, 2023. Since its launch, RubyDex has quickly gained recognition in the DeFi space for its unique hybrid architecture, providing the speed of a centralized exchange (CEX) and the security of a decentralized exchange (DEX). The exchange will also soon be available on all other major layer-2 networks.

RubyDex‘s innovative hybrid architecture, combined with its cutting-edge technology, enables traders to execute trades at lightning-fast speeds with greater security and less risk of hacks and cyberattacks than a typical CEX. In addition, besides popular crypto pairs, RubyDex is also planning on listing 1000s of contracts covering stocks, ETFs, indexes, forex, commodities, and more.

To celebrate the launch, RubyDex introduced two major campaigns. The first campaign allows its first users to claim a Pioneer POAP NFT, followed by a raffle event for a share of 1000 USDT and OG Gem NFT whitelisting. Currently, RubyDex is running its Discord Referral Race campaign, which has seen a surge of new users, allowing for organic and sustainable growth.

RubyDex has also gained traction in the DeFi community, having been listed on prominent platforms such as Defillama, DappRadar, and Dapp.review. With over $51,000 in TVL in slightly over a month of operations, RubyDex is quickly becoming a go-to DEX for traders looking for a fast and secure platform.
“We’re thrilled to see the rapid growth and adoption of RubyDex,” said the CEO of RubyDex. “Our innovative hybrid architecture and cutting-edge technology provide a unique trading experience that has resonated with the DeFi community. Our team is committed to continued innovation and delivering the best possible experience for our users. With our planned deployment on other networks, many new listings, and work on the release of a platform token, we’ll find ever-increasing ways to reward our community.”

RubyDex is currently raising funds to fuel further development and expansion. Interested investors can contact the team through their various social media accounts and emails.

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