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Monday, October 02, 2023

RockX’s Bedrock Platform Nets 5,000 Staked ETH from Amber Group, Fueling Asia’s Shift to Institutional Crypto Staking

RockX, a pioneer in blockchain technology and institutional staking solutions in Asia, has reached a pivotal milestone with its Bedrock platform — an institutional-grade Ethereum liquid staking platform — garnering 5,000 staked ETH from Amber Group’s flagship digital asset platform, WhaleFin. The strategic partnership represents a significant turning point in institutional staking, underscoring Asia’s expanding role in the digital assets industry.

Bedrock, known for its AML and KYC compliance, offers institutional players a streamlined venue for large-scale liquid staking. Amplified by Amber Group’s industry expertise and investment, the partnership reinforces Bedrock’s position as a disruptor in the staking sector.

Chen Zhuling, Founder and CEO of RockX, said: “Bedrock is spearheading institutional adoption of digital assets, and our commitment to technological innovation continues to define us as trailblazers in DeFi. This partnership marks a significant step toward reshaping how institutional players engage with digital assets, bringing us closer to a future where digital assets are as fundamental to portfolio strategies as traditional assets.”

Thomas Zhu, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Amber Group, said: “This collaboration dovetails with Amber’s mission to disrupt traditional finance, and RockX’s institutional credibility and technological sophistication make them the perfect partner. Our mission extends far beyond traditional financial services to envision a sustainable, inclusive, and transparent financial ecosystem.”

Bedrock has plans to integrate Distributed Validator Technology (DVT), an industry-first solution developed to enhance decentralization by allowing stakers to share validator keys across unaffiliated nodes.

The platform also plans to roll out Permissionless Exit, a feature that provides stakers more control over their funds without compromising security. By allowing stakers to exit without intervention from a third party, Permissionless Exit diminishes the risk of centralization and improves overall liquidity while avoiding third party risk.

In a rapidly evolving global staking market, Bedrock’s launch comes as a timely response to institutional demands for compliance, transparency, and security. As a leader in the institutional-grade staking ecosystem, RockX’s Bedrock is poised to revolutionize crypto staking, ushering in a new age of institutional participation and growth.

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