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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Gate Web3 Startup Unveils 4 Upcoming Initial and Non-Initial Airdrops

Gate Web3 Startup, the token launchpad in the Gate Web3 ecosystem, is thrilled to introduce a series of free airdrops, offering users a unique opportunity to become early adopters of cutting-edge projects shaping the emerging Web3 landscape. As the demand for Web3 innovations continues to surge, Gate Web3 Startup unveils four more airdrops from various projects in late September.

Also, two featured projects, OpenName and Web3.com, have integrated with the self-custody Gate Web3 Wallet. Users of the wallet can now conveniently access the features of both decentralized Web3 ecosystems, opening the door to the world of decentralized name services.

Project Introduction

  • Web3.com: Sept 25, 06:00 – Sept 28, 06:00 (UTC).

Offering an all-in-one Web3 experience, Web3.com enables users to navigate and delve into the emerging Web3 ecosystem with on- and off-chain services that transcend Web2 and Web3, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into the evolving and multifaceted Web3 landscape.

  • BasePunk: Sept 21, 06:00 – Sept 25, 06:00 (UTC).

A collection of 5,555 unique NFTs, Base Punk blends creativity and digital ownership to present an “OG” NFT collection on the new Base blockchain. The reason behind a limit of 5,555 is the association of the number five with change, growth, and freedom.

  • Kunji Finance: Sept 22, 05:00 – Sept 25,05:00 (UTC).

Looking to shake up the hedge fund sector, Kunji Finance is an Arbitrum-based decentralized platform that connects asset managers with liquidity providers. Asset managers can leverage their skills with access to further capital while generating trading-based profit opportunities for capital providers, enabling users to access a hedge fund-like investing environment.

  • Mirror Realms: Sept 25, 06:00 – Sept 28, 06:00(UTC).

Mirror Realms is a top-tier competitive ACG (anime, comics, and games) battle-to-earn game that uses smart contracts to tokenize in-game assets, including weapons and appearance. Players can earn tokens and NFT assets through team-based competitions, enhancing their abilities as they compete.

Discover the future with Gate Web3

Gate Web3 Startup provides users the key to participate in free initial and non-initial airdrops from the latest projects building Web3. Several projects are featured weekly, and users can participate using their self-custody wallet.

Beyond the Startup platform, the Gate Web3 has everything needed for self-custody users to join the future decentralized Internet. Users can manage their assets and portfolio with the Gate Web3 Wallet and then conveniently access decentralized single and cross-chain swaps and transfers, decentralized perpetual futures, and NFT marketplace, along with staking, DApp, and airdrop aggregators.

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