" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> ePIC Blockchain Announces UMC Support for M30 and M50 Series to Streamline Bitcoin-Mining Operations
Sunday, September 24, 2023

ePIC Blockchain Announces UMC Support for M30 and M50 Series to Streamline Bitcoin-Mining Operations

ePIC Blockchain, a pioneer in blockchain technologies, today reveals that the Universal Mining Control (UMC) product line has achieved a new milestone. The UMC board and custom firmware empower Bitcoin mining enterprises to automate crucial mining parameters and to extend mining uptime. The ePIC UMC and customised firmware now support the M30 and M50 series of Bitcoin miners. Support for other models will soon be released.

By using the Perpetual Tuning feature, the ePIC UMC and firmware automatically adjusts the system to a user-specified hashrate target at the best efficiency. It throttles down when approaching critical shutdown temperatures to minimize mining downtime.

ePIC UMC allows users to change power settings without rebooting the miner. For companies that participate in demand response with power companies, the implication is that the fleet of miners is now able to respond to incoming power curtailment requests with agility. Along with Perpetual Tuning, Bitcoin mining firms can now extend the uptime per day of their machines.

Earl Mai, CTO of ePIC Blockchain, stated, “Our goal is to empower Bitcoin mining enterprises by enhancing their existing fleets. We take pride in offering customer-focused solutions to optimize operating costs and maximize profitability, even in extreme environments.”

“I am pleased to see ePIC Blockchain’s innovation on the mining hardware stack. Their UMC solution has the potential to improve the operating efficiency and performance of mining hardware across manufacturers and models. As Bitfarms is always looking for ways to further improve our operating performance and utilization of our mining assets we welcome this kind of innovation.” noted Ben Gagnon, Chief Mining Officer at Bitfarms.

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