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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Crypto-native Banking with Sygnum

At Matter Labs, we continue to believe that increasing personal freedom is the most effective way for crypto to drive positive change globally. We also believe that zkSync Era has the capabilities to realize this dream; by making Ethereum both scalable and accessible, enabling self-sovereignty at a mass scale.

“Our long-term mission is to make self-sovereign participation in the digital economy — i.e. maintaining true control over one’s digital assets — affordable for anyone in the world.” Alex Gluchowski, Co-Founder and CEO, Matter Labs.

To realize this vision, our industry must focus on the features that will secure crypto’s long-term future; decentralization, security, and scalability. The events of the past few months have demonstrated more than ever the need to uphold these values for the long-term stability and resilience of the web3 space. It also needs innovative projects that leverage these features to find new ways, and new use cases, to break down barriers in our global institutions, structures, and geographies, securing mainstream adoption worldwide.

Today, we’re announcing our collaboration with Sygnum, a crypto-native regulated Swiss bank and licensed Singapore asset manager. Through its integrated digital asset banking, asset management, tokenization and compliant web3 services, Sygnum is a pioneer in web3 financial services — empowering its clients to invest in crypto with complete trust. This collaboration is a landmark for both the digital asset banking space and the Ethereum community, continuing our journey to making self-sovereign participation in the digital economy accessible for anyone in the world.

”We’re delighted to work with Sygnum to navigate the jungle of regulation in web3. Each solution or service released by Sygnum, powered by the scalability and security of zkSync Era, can serve as a stepping stone to broader adoption and credibility for growing the financial use cases and mainstream adoption of public blockchains.” Marco Cora, Head of Business Development, Matter Labs.

Find out more about Sygnum’s integration in their own words, and the potential it unlocks for our zkSync Era ecosystem, below.

Pioneering Web3 Financial Services
Sygnum continues its development and community support for Ethereum ecosystem infrastructure and protocols. In an environment where privacy is becoming ever more important, this ecosystem collaboration aims at expanding Sygnum’s capabilities to build sophisticated, privacy-preserving tools for its clients.

“Zero-knowledge technology represents the next step in the evolution of digital assets. Sygnum is excited to be the first regulated bank in the zkSync Era ecosystem to continue pushing the boundaries of digital assets.” Luca Burlando, Sygnum Bank Head of Ventures and Partnerships.

Together with zkSync, we will explore a number of areas, including a proof-of-solvency solution, particularly important given the context of recent events in web3, providing custody options for zkSync Era users via Sygnum-run validator nodes on the protocol, and building on-ramp and off-ramp infrastructure for Sygnum’s client base, as well as future opportunities like a Sygnum HyperChain on zkSync Era’s EVM-compatible Hyperchain prototype.

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