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Sunday, September 24, 2023

CONIO Drives Forward Compliance and Innovation in the Italian Digital Assets Space with Chainalysis Solutions

 Conio is the Italian scale-up owned by Poste Italiane and Banca Generali, which launched the first wallet for Bitcoin and digital assets custody in Italy. Its mission has always been to accelerate the adoption of digital currencies not only by retail customers but also banks and financial institutions.

In ongoing efforts to strengthen compliance and due diligence, Conio is working with the leading blockchain data platform, Chainalysis. The US-based company operates globally, offering cutting-edge software and services for investigating digital asset transactions on the blockchain to regulatory authorities and the most important companies in the sector. By integrating Chainalysis’ transaction monitoring and investigative solutions into Conio’s platform, the company will monitor transactions in real-time, reduce potential exposure to illicit activity including money laundering, and run a comprehensive risk and compliance program without impacting user experience.

The value of Chainalysis lies in its international recognition by government agencies, cryptocurrency businesses and financial institutions in over 70 countries. Chainalysis’ data power investigative, compliance, and market intelligence software that has been used to solve some of the world’s most high-profile criminal cases and grow consumer access to cryptocurrency safely. The mission of Chainalysis is to build trust in blockchains and support transformative technologies for the markets and economy of the future.

Lasting for several years now, this collaboration with an internationally renowned company such as Chainalysis helps boost Conio’s reputation as a safe and trusted institution within the market. The overall awareness and use of Chainalysis solutions on the institutional level in Italy for the verification of digital asset transactions prevents fraud and illicit activity that may harm customers. Conio will therefore be able to remain aligned with the current international regulations on crypto-activity, which aim to protect consumers and investors.

“Conio thrives to become the Italian champion of digital assets. The collaboration with Chainalysis demonstrates the commitment that we at Conio make every day to being at the forefront, to providing all our customers, private and institutional, with adequate control of all transactions, always focusing on security. We are proud of this collaboration because it again allows us to raise the bar for our entire market,” says Orlando Merone, General Manager of Conio.

“In an era where building trust is crucial to the growth of the blockchain and digital assets industry, it is imperative for innovators like Conio to leverage the inherent transparency of blockchains and advanced blockchain analysis tools to stay compliant with regulations, maintain brand reputation, and deliver trusted solutions to end users. We are excited to continue working with Conio to do exactly this, and support their mission to safely innovate,” says Michele Santulin, Private Sector Lead Mediterranean Area at Chainalysis.

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