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Coinpanion and Bankhaus von der Heydt enter into crypto trading partnership

Coinpanion and Bankhaus von der Heydt enter into crypto trading partnership | Fintech Finance

Coinpanion, the crypto startup for easy entry into the world of crypto investments, and Bankhaus von der Heydt, one of Germany’s oldest banking houses (founded in 1754), are collaborating to create an operational partnership. Coinciding with today’s announcement of Coinpanion’s launch in Germany, the Munich-based bank will assume the role of custodian in the cooperation, holding investors’ euro and crypto deposits in safekeeping and ensuring payouts to Coinpanion’s customers. In addition, von der Heydt will act as a financial commission agent in the context of cryptocurrency trading. Bankhaus von der Heydt is one of Europe’s leading privately owned banks, whose range of services includes traditional and digital asset banking, securitisation and fund services.

Alexander Valtingojer, CEO of Coinpanion, states, regarding the cooperation:
“The cooperation between Coinpanion and one of the oldest banking houses in Germany is a strong and very important signal to the entire financial industry. Bankhaus von der Heydt was one of the first banks in Germany to offer cryptocurrency trading and related custody services. It is a great honour to partner with such a renowned and simultaneously highly innovative company.”

Munich-based Bankhaus von der Heydt, since 2019, has already placed special focus on the use of new technologies, especially blockchain technology, and sees itself as a partner bank for institutional customers as well as FinTechs. Among other things, Bankhaus von der Heydt enables its partners to trade cryptocurrencies and hold these in safekeeping.

Sebastian Hailer Vice President at Bankhaus von der Heydt says of the partnership:
“We see digital assets gaining greater importance. Here, regulatory requirements and a high level of complexity often make market entry difficult. As an innovative private bank, we stand by our FinTech and institutional clients as an experienced partner to take out complexity and create a successful market entry. The partnership with Coinpanion is of great importance to us, as we are convinced of the innovative approach and see a sustainable market value in the business model.”

Coinpanion aims to provide easy entry into the cryptocurrency market.
The FinTech Coinpanion was founded in Vienna in 2019 and with its platform, enables easy entry into the complex world of cryptocurrencies for everyone, even without prior knowledge in the field. For this purpose, the company provides its customers with a range of different crypto portfolios from various categories and risk classes. Coinpanion’s customers are supported throughout the entire process: from simple market entry and ongoing optimisation of crypto investments to automated tax reporting. Users can choose from different smart portfolios at Coinpanion, which revolve around innovative technologies such as NFTs, the Metaverse and cryptocurrencies. Coinpanion focuses on an all-around worry-free package, providing automated savings plans and free tax reports in addition to the portfolios provided. Getting started should take less than five minutes, according to the company.

More about Coinpanion at coinpanion.com
More about  Bankhaus von der Heydt at 1754.eu


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