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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Americana Creates On-blockchain Solution to the Traditional Fine Art & Collectible Vaulting System

Americana (americana.io) creates the on-blockchain answer to an ancient industry of collectibles, fine-art logistics, and their storage. As a decentralized solution, Americana connects, authenticates, and tracks real world items–something that has yet to be seen in the traditional collectors space.

Created to encourage authentic relationships between artists and their collectors, the platform allows physical collectors to engage with other like-minded supporters for the first time, facilitating conversation and community-building. Through Americana, artists will not only know who holds their physical art, but they will be able to engage with them personally and directly. On the platform, artists can validate their established collectors, giving them greater control and insight into the distribution of their work. At the same time, collectors can be confident that what they are purchasing is authentic to the artist’s collection, providing greater value and peace of mind.

Collectors who enjoy collecting physical items will now be able to utilize the benefits of the blockchain, bridging the gap between Web3 and our waking physical world.

Americana will be vaulting NYC-based multidisciplinary artist Danny Cole’s Creature World art sculptures, kicking off a more varied and vast implementation of the technology. A unique project within the world of imaginative works, Creature World’s vivid colors and signature cartoon-like figures will soon be authenticated with Americana. On the heels of their event in Miami, this demonstrates an evergreen partnership that highlights Americana’s long-term relationship with artists. As they approach the launch of the platform, they are vaulting artist work that is authentic to the Americana brand, maintaining ongoing relationships with established and well-respected artists and creatives.

Americana allows artists and holders to invest, collect, and protect. Serving as a logistical solution to the vaulting industry for long term collections to thrive, Americana stands as the new standard for collecting and flexing.

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