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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Cryptio raises $10 million for their enterprise crypto back-office platform

Cryptio, an enterprise grade back-office platform, has secured $10 million in a Series A round led by Point Nine, early investors in Chainalysis, Zendesk, and Revolut.

Other participants include BlueYard, Alven, Coinshares, Avantgarde Finance, Protocol Labs, and Draper Associates. Senior executives from Twitter, GoCardless, Fireblocks, and Ledger also participated in the round as angel investors.

Accountability and reporting are a priority – both for crypto-native businesses and financial institutions  with digital assets operations and holdings, especially in turbulent markets.

Cryptio is known for its proprietary data infrastructure, transforming complex on-chain activity into institutional-grade reports and ledgers. The company saw revenue grow 12x since its seed round led by Draper Associates in March last year – despite the market downturn. 

Their clients already include 200+ crypto-native enterprises such as Consensys (creators of Metamask), Aave, DeFi Saver, and The Sandbox. They plan to invest heavily in go-to-market hiring, product development, and expanding their offering to publicly traded companies and institutions. 

“The biggest challenge with crypto accounting on the institutional level is having auditable and reliable transaction history data. Block explorers and third-party data providers often fail to capture complex crypto activity like DeFi, Staking, Mining, and NFTs. These discrepancies can’t be tolerated at the institutional level. 

At Cryptio, we’re obsessed with data accuracy and have partnered with Layer-1 foundations to build proprietary blockchain indexers. We’re able to reliable pull transaction data and perform mini-audits, ‘sanity checks’ to prove data quality.” 

Antoine Scalia, Founder, and CEO of Cryptio

At Point Nine, we’ve been proud backers of several crypto infrastructure businesses such as Chainalysis, Tenderly, and Kaiko. A back-office infrastructure designed for crypto is one of the most critical yet still missing infrastructures in order to enable broader corporate adoption of token-based financial products. We’re excited

Press release – Cryptio raises $10 million for their enterprise crypto back-office platform 2 

to support Antoine and his team who have a unique, data-centric approach to this challenge. 

Louis Coppey, Partner, Point 9

Over the years we have witnessed how mission-critical and complex crypto accounting is for our larger crypto companies and protocol treasuries. Turns out most were already happy Cryptio customers before our investment; helping to create transparency in real-time. 

Ciarán O’Leary, Partner, BlueYard

Making the token-based economy backwards compatible with traditional finance and compliance is key to onboard institutions and corporations alike. Cryptio is building this “web3 to web2” bridge for accounting, tax, and reporting and enabling projects and companies to operate with one foot in both worlds, securely. The team has proven to be remarkably resilient and built a product that has been battle-tested by the very best in the industry. 

Bartosz Jakubowski, Partner, Alven 

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