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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Coinchange Financials Partners with TradeZing

Coinchange Financials, a leading company offering an automated crypto wealth management platform, and TradeZing, a live-streaming, social engagement, Web3 platform designed for Millennial and Gen-Z traders, announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership benefiting both parties by allowing them to begin researching, publishing, and sharing any and all information surrounding NFTs, cryptocurrencies, their evolution, and all their applicable uses. Coinchange will be a day one partner, meaning that they will be available on the platform at TradeZing’s launch. This gives the company access to its own exclusive channel to create content, the opportunity to receive prime positioning on the website, and further drive Coinchange users to the innovative platform to further educate themselves on the DeFi market and all it entails: cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

“Cryptocurrencies and NFTs investment opportunities are still relatively new to the average trader and continue to evolve,” said Jordan Edelson, CEO and Co-Founder of TradeZing. “This partnership will ensure TradeZing users have access to the most up-to-date research on these asset classes, allowing them to spot trends faster and ultimately make better-educated decisions to help build wealth.”

In addition to the partnership, Coinchange, TradeZing and Xsolla have also developed the NFT Landscape Report that outlines how the NFT sector has evolved from collectibles to utilities, and finally to their financialization. Specifically, the financialization of NFTs allows for the same exchanges that people used to do with objects such as playing cards, paintings, clothing, or any creatively constructed material for monetary gains. It is a new avenue for artists to acquire acclaim and wealth. In its infancy, there are still many things to be worked through; NFTs are introducing artwork into the DeFi space and allowing for the same kind of financial transactions to be had in a much more global environment for artists than ever before. NFTs further create an equal playing field for digital artists as any other creative.

“At Coinchange, we pride ourselves on democratizing the DeFi market and allowing everyone to have access to it.” said Maxim Galash, CEO of Coinchange before continuing, “From your traditional cryptocurrencies like ETH and BTC to what we specialize in: stablecoins, we like to get our hands dirty and be aware of everything that goes on in the market to ensure we offer the best to our users. That mentality is what led us to partner with TradeZing. The partnership will allow us to engage in a much more comprehensive way with the public and give us a much broader reach to further help everyone get access to both information, and the ability to earn yield via their crypto on our platform.”

“At Xsolla, we are an example of a fintech company furthering the adoption of NFT for game objects. Pushing forward a higher level of engagement and ownership of the content from the developer to the users/players without requiring knowledge of blockchain technology on both ends,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. “As an innovative leader in game commerce, we continue to solve the inherent complexities of global distribution, marketing, and monetization so our partners can grow audience, engagement, and revenue.”In addition to the joint report, the agreement brings together two companies with the shared goal of optimizing the wealth and education of traders, as Coinchange continually conducts research on NFTs and the DeFi space. Coinchange users can access TradeZing’s closed beta trial which will start this Summer. TradeZing, which will provide a platform for Coinchange’s research, is launching soon.

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