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Coinbase Custody added to Polymath’s Service Provider Ecosystem

Coinbase Custody added to Polymath’s Service Provider Ecosystem | Fintech Finance

Coinbase Custody, a US-based qualified custodian specializing in digital asset custody for institutions, has been added to the Polymath Service Provider Marketplace. Polymath users now have access to Coinbase’s secure and battle-tested custody storage, while minimizing onboarding friction on all sides.

The Polymath Service Provider Marketplace brings together an ecosystem that includes custody agents, broker-dealers, legal firms, cap table management providers, KYC/AML providers, and others who can help users create and manage their token.

“Institutions adopting digital asset solutions need an ecosystem that provides a comprehensive suite of tools,” said Steven Capozza, Coinbase’s Institutional Coverage Group. “Users are looking for a balance of regulatory compliance, asset security and intuitive technology, and we are eager to continue adding new assets and growing the cryptoeconomy.”

Coinbase Custody is an independent NYDFS-regulated entity built on Coinbase’s crypto-first DNA. While their custody solution has been designed from the ground up for the unique challenges of storing crypto assets, it operates similarly to traditional custody services and is overseen by the same regulators, held to similar capital requirements, and audited in the same way as a traditional custodian.

Further demonstrating their commitment to security and oversight, Coinbase Custody was the first crypto custodian to receive the Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications.

Coinbase Custody has integrated the ERC 1400 standard. Spearheaded by Polymath, ERC 1400 has been widely adopted in the industry and provides a consistent framework to unite market participants. As a result, ERC 1400 tokens can onboard to Coinbase Custody quickly and compliantly, without additional technical due diligence.

“Safe custody of digital assets is crucial for both institutions and individuals,” said William Vaz-Jones, Director, Partnership Development at Polymath. “We’re thrilled to add Coinbase Custody to our growing ecosystem of over 50 service providers.”


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