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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Codat Welcomes New Members From Leading Financial Institutions to Product Advisory Board

Codat, the universal API for small business data, today announced the expansion of its Product Advisory Board with four new members from leading institutions, including U.S. Bank, JPMorgan Chase, PayPal, and American Express.

Meghan Kober, Vice President of Fintech & Acceleration at U.S. Bank; Jesse Schwarz, Digital Product Lead at JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking; Ed Hallett, Senior Director of SMB at PayPal; and Johnny Fambro, Director of Product Development at American Express, will work alongside the existing board members to shape Codat’s product roadmap and support transformation of financial services for small businesses.

“This is about creating innovative products and experiences to improve the financial lives of small businesses,” said Meghan Kober, Vice President of Fintech Acceleration at U.S. Bank. “Participating in Codat’s Product Advisory Board is a unique opportunity that invites us to bring to the table what’s important for our customers, in community and collaboration with other thought leaders across the industry. It’s communities like this, of innovators and pioneers looking to shape the future of financial services for small businesses, that inspired me to join.”

Codat launched its advisory board in April 2022 to bring together a group of influential champions to not only advise Codat, but discuss the future of the financial ecosystem.

“We covered so much during the first advisory board session in April,” said Yasamin Karimi, Global Head of Product Strategy at Codat. “We discussed that we’re on the cusp of a massive trend in vertical apps that are completely focused on getting to know SMB personas, and the extent to which trust in the integrity of data is a key theme for underwriters – and so much more. This group is truly aligned in its mission to help solve entrenched challenges and creatively look towards the future. We can’t wait to start work with the new members.”

The most recent Product Advisory Board meeting also covered how real-time data can uncover dangerous blind spots for small businesses and the increasing number of tech companies aiming to become the central operating system for SMBs.

“The fresh perspectives offered by this outstanding team of leaders, customers, partners and strategic advisors will inform the new age of financial services and our company’s forward-moving strategy,” said Peter Lord, CEO and co-founder of Codat. “With this board we have the eyes and ears of some of the brightest industry minds and are already benefiting from their insights.”

These new members join the original Product Advisory Board members Gilad Rom, Chief Strategy Officer at Clearco; Yelena Reznikova, Senior Director of Business Development at Brex; Charley Ma, General Manager of Fintech at Alloy; and Ellen Linardi, Vice President of Product and Design at Clover, Matt Vickers, Group Product Manager at Ramp.

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