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Monday, April 15, 2024

CLOWD9 secures B Corp Certification

CLOWD9, the world’s first cloud native, cloud certified, decentralized, payments processing platform, has today announced that it has achieved the prestigious B Corp Certification. B Corp Certification is awarded to companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and governance and the process involves a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s operations. This assessment from B Corp ensures that CLOWD9 demonstrates conscientious practices, such as customer stewardship, energy efficiency, diversity and corporate transparency; everything that CLOWD9 stands for.

As a Certified B Corp, CLOWD9 joins a global community of businesses united by a shared goal of making a positive impact on society and the environment. CLOWD9 takes immense pride in being the world’s first cloud native card issuer processor to become a B Corp. CLOWD9 continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be a responsible and innovative business, delivering exceptional service to customers and driving positive change in the world.

CLOWD9 Co-Founder, Sustainability Advocate, Cosmo Spens says: “ Our mission when we launched CLOWD9, was to become the most trusted issuer processing platform in the world and that was driven by the shared vision of our founders and Board. Achieving B Corp Certification reflects CLOWD9’s firm commitment to driving positive change in the financial technology sector. By integrating environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and strong governance into our core operations, we aim to set new industry benchmarks and inspire others to follow suit.”.

CLOWD9 is committed to building a sustainable, transparent, and pioneering business. Thank you to our customers, partners, and team who have supported us throughout this journey over the last year. We also extend our appreciation to the team at B Corp who’s advice and guidance have been a huge support in getting us through to certification.”

B Lab UK Executive Director, Chris Turner says: “We are delighted to welcome CLOWD9 to the B Corp community. This is a movement of companies who are committed to changing how business operates and believe business really can be a force for good. We know that CLOWD9 are going to be a fantastic addition to the community and will continue driving the conversation forward.”

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