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Thursday, December 08, 2022

Citi Launches Automated Securities Lending Solution in Partnership with Sharegain

Citi has launched the first fully automated securities lending solution for wealth management firms they custody, in partnership with fintech firm Sharegain. Through Citi’s solution, wealth managers can deliver a securities lending program to their customers, giving them the opportunity to earn additional revenue on their stocks, bonds and ETFs, without developing an internal program from scratch.

“It’s our ambition to provide Citi custody clients with the world’s leading agency securities lending service,” said Stuart Jarvis, EMEA head of Agency Securities Lending at Citi. “Securities lending is a well-established practice among institutional investors, but one that most private investors have been unable to benefit from. That’s why our clients are demanding a tailored, automated securities lending service they can offer to their end customers.” 

The new securities lending solution is designed to integrate with wealth managers’ existing IT infrastructure. It provides a fully digital user experience for underlying customers, from opting in to the program through to managing their lending.

“In a world where new technologies are transforming the way we do business, Citi is embracing innovative ideas to deliver new services to our clients,” said Chris Cox, Global Head of Data and Digitization and EMEA Head of Securities Services at Citi. “Partnering with Sharegain allows us to provide a digital securities lending solution that is flexible, scalable and easily integrates with our clients’ existing systems.”

“We are excited to work with Citi to bring this first-of-its-kind solution to their clients and to set a new standard for our industry,” said Boaz Yaari, CEO and founder of Sharegain. “This collaboration is a testament to the power of Sharegain’s solution and its potential to democratise securities lending.”

The idea for an automated securities lending solution was born from Citi’s D10XSM program, a strategic growth initiative that nurtures the development of business solutions. A team of Citi entrepreneurs-in-residence tested, validated, and prototyped the product before vetting and selecting Sharegain for partnership.

With trading desks in five countries covering 75 lending markets, Citi Agency Securities Lending has an extensive global presence that leverages its local expertise from over 60 proprietary custody branches.

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