Thursday, June 20, 2024

Careers In Data Showcased To Young People By Capital One UK And Data Inspiration Group Partnership

The Data Inspiration Group connects students, their parents/guardians and educators with leading data industry companies and professionals across the UK. The approach works on the basis that nurturing young minds early is essential, and Capital One is keen to encourage future generations about the different career opportunities available within financial services.

In line with the government plan to ‘level up’ employment opportunities, coupled with the national skills shortage of data professionals, Capital One will partner with Digdata to help students upskill and develop their competency to prepare them for a fulfilling career. Together, the aim is to help young minds of all backgrounds and academic ability know that a future career in data is available to them.

The credit supplier will host three live online career challenges across secondary schools, colleges and universities. These challenges offer students virtual work experience where data is used to solve a real business problem. Capital One will also host a live career panel to showcase the different data related jobs available.

Jean Panagamuwa, Chief Data Risk Officer at Capital One, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for our business to play a part in educating young people about the different job opportunities available to them. Data is such a vast area and can often be daunting for people to look into. We are always looking for a variety of roles – from problem solvers to creative thinkers and good communicators – and this partnership opens a gateway to providing the right knowledge so students from all walks of life can prepare for the future.

“DigData has a breadth of knowledge in this area and opens the door to a number of schools and universities across the country. We are excited to build this partnership and work with them to get more young people thinking about a career within our industry.”

Rachel Keane, Chief Data Inspirer at Data Inspiration Group Ltd, said: “The Digdata programme allows students the opportunity to solve real business problems and understand the value of their unique key skills and how they can be applied in industry. We all have a responsibility to inspire young minds and to prepare them for life after education. The Digdata team are excited to work with Capital One UK to achieve this.”

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