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Cardlay’s Payment Cloud Connects Banks with Concur® Expense to Solve virtual Payment Pains for Corporations

Cardlay’s Payment Cloud Connects Banks with Concur® Expense to Solve virtual Payment Pains for Corporations | Fintech Finance

Cardlay is thrilled to announce the integration of its Payment Cloud solution with Concur® Expense, currently available for the UK market. The solution enables new and existing businesses that use the SAP® Concur® portfolio to benefit from an integrated, carbon neutral and secure virtual card offering without changing their current bank relationship. Payment Cloud supports real-time issuing of virtual cards, which offers corporations a fast, sustainable, and secure way of paying for what they need.

“We have followed the development of virtual cards closely for the last few years, and we anticipate that within the next 3 years, 40% of all commercial cards will be virtual,” explains Cardlay CEO Jørgen Christian Juul. “We are incredibly proud to take part in driving this movement and to see the integration live and solving real challenges for corporations is beyond amazing.”

The solution’s integration with Concur Expense and banks is built on advanced APIs in the core of the existing banking infrastructure. This enables a plug-and-play set-up for the customer and allows them to select their preferred financial institution, while still getting the benefits of integrated virtual card management. As such, customers will be able to automate and streamline their processes around spend management and expense handling by complementing existing card programs as an add-on.

Through the integration, businesses that use Concur Expense can easily request and access virtual payment cards, with no additional setup. The virtual card issued can easily be added to a mobile wallet, and as soon as the card is used, the transaction data is automatically sent to Concur Expense, enriched with data connected to the transaction. Managers can approve or deny new cards and set spend controls in real-time.

One of the first customers benefiting from the integration is Inspiring Learning, a UK-based company providing children with unique, educational and fun-filled adventure programmes.

“The way we previously handled expenses at Inspiring Learning was super time-consuming, involving many people manually entering data in separate systems and without upfront control and overview of what’s being spent. With this new integration, we have already seen a cut in the admin time, which is very valuable for us,” said Emma David, Management Accountant at Inspiring Learning. “It is easy to use and convenient with instant issuance of cards. The integration with Concur Expense is working well and saves us both time and money.”

Cardlay will continue to roll out its global growth strategy by delivering integrated solutions for commercial payments. This will make it easier for customers to integrate budgets, authorisation processes, payments and reconciliation in a safe, simple and automated flow, minimising errors and fraud.

Payment Cloud’s integration with Concur Expense is currently being rolled out in the UK and will be available in multiple banks and currencies within the next year.


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