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Monday, April 22, 2024

Capital Group will utilize PFaroe to strengthen partnerships with clients and drive business growth

Capital Group, a global investment manager with $1.8 trillion in assets under management, has adopted PFaroe to assist defined benefit pension clients in enhancing pension risk management decision making and promoting practical investment solutions suitable to each plan’s liabilities.

Capital Group’s LDI Solutions team will leverage PFaroe’s flexible asset-liability modeling tools and its cutting-edge reporting platform to work more collaboratively with clients and prospects; demonstrating key findings efficiently, deepening engagement and generating a greater understanding of risk to drive informed, strategic asset allocation decisions.

The market-leading strengths of PFaroe – including the depth of its reporting and its rigorous analytical toolkit – will play a prominent role in helping to drive business growth as Capital Group seeks to support and expand its LDI capabilities.

Gary Veerman, Head of LDI Solutions, Capital Group, said: “Ten years ago, you could be a credible LDI player by just having a successful investment product suite. Today, I view being able to deliver analytical capabilities, asset allocation expertise and a more consultative mind frame a necessity to being truly successful in the pensions space and an elite LDI manager. I envision PFaroe being a key component to growing our business and really taking our LDI reporting and analysis to the next level.”

He added: “PFaroe gives us a scalable way to provide the asset allocation perspective that plan sponsors need to be evaluating. That is potentially the most important aspect of the conversation you have with a client or prospect, as opposed to telling them you have a good investment suite.”

Matthew Seymour, CEO of RiskFirst, said: “Capital Group has built a very strong reputation in the LDI market and we are extremely pleased that they have chosen PFaroe to help fuel their business growth and strengthen their client partnerships. Through its advanced analytical properties and its widespread presence in the market, PFaroe is a tool proven to be a real facilitator of collaboration and a means of promoting understanding and strategy optimization – and this is all the more important in this increasingly complex market.

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