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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Capchase Announces Integration with Stripe

Capchase, a New York-based provider of non-dilutive capital, announced today that it is integrating with leading financial infrastructure platform, Stripe, to make its services available through the new Stripe App Marketplace.

This means that Stripe customers can now access Capchase’s non-dilutive financing solutions, including Capchase Grow (Recurring Revenue Financing) directly through Stripe’s interface without having to switch between platforms.

“Capchase is proud to be working with Stripe to offer flexible financing to millions of growing businesses,” said Miguel Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Capchase. “At Capchase, our mission is to improve founders’ financial operating efficiency through better technology – so working with Stripe who is a true pioneer in financial technology was a natural fit.”

With funding from Capchase, SaaS companies are able to access capital on a recurring basis while eliminating the time-consuming nature of the traditional fundraising process. Typical customers of Capchase put capital towards financing customer acquisition costs, key sales hires, and subscription expenses with the flexibility to only pay for the capital that they use.

“Capchase is the financial partner we needed two years ago, and I wish I found them sooner. They’ve allowed us to scale ahead of revenue, helping us build a financial model incorporating headcount, expenses, and revenue, with great communication and trust,” said Chris Federspiel, co-founder and CEO of Blackthorn and Capchase customer. Thanks to Capchase’s hands-on approach to growth financing, customers like Blackthorn are able to invest in opportunities that make the most sense to their business with a partner they can confide in.

Since Capchase was founded in 2020, it has registered over 3,000 companies in 10 countries in North America and Europe, making over $2B in funding available. The company has also launched a series of strategic partnerships to further increase access to non-dilutive capital for growing businesses, including with AWS, Mercury, Techstars and Baremetrics who all offer Capchase’s services to their customers.

Capchase’s proprietary Capscore™ helps companies forecast their next 12 months’ worth of revenue and make that revenue available for immediate use – powering growth initiatives without diluting founder ownership.

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