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Thursday, June 13, 2024

BullGuard Launches Small Office Security To Protect Businesses From Cyber Threats

Award winning cybersecurity company BullGuard today released BullGuard Small Office Security, a new, powerful, cloud-managed endpoint security service for the small business market. BullGuard Small Office Security enables businesses to operate with the knowledge they are protected against identity and data theft, account takeover, malware such as ransomware, and other cyber threats.

BullGuard Small Office Security provides robust endpoint protection for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, making it perfect for mobile workforces to work safely on their devices in the office, at home, or while hot desking or travelling. Small Office Security safeguards Windows®, Android® and MacOS® devices and is backed by BullGuard’s highly acclaimed live 24/7 technical support, while endpoint security management is simple via an easy-to-use cloud-based portal.

“Cybersecurity solutions for small offices are typically complex and challenging for businesses to deploy and use because they are re-engineered from legacy enterprise solutions designed for organizations with thousands of users,” said Paul Lipman, CEO of BullGuard. “Small businesses are more vulnerable to cyberattacks as cyber criminals increasingly focus their attention on the small office space and these companies are typically not as well protected as their enterprise counterparts. BullGuard Small Office Security is designed explicitly to meet the needs of today’s small offices.”

At the heart of BullGuard Small Office Security is BullGuard’s award-winning anti-malware protection, which consistently scores very highly in independent malware detection tests. Companies that fall victim to a cyberattack often experience significant downtime that seriously impacts productivity, data privacy, and even earnings. With BullGuard Small Office Security, small office businesses are fully protected by a proprietary multi-layered behavioural engine that stops all types of malware in its tracks. It also includes endpoint-based machine learning to bolster security even further with advanced zero-day threat detection, which ensures systems are protected even when offline, and without requiring signature updates.

BullGuard Small Office Security is ideal for any small office, including those that currently use third-party companies to install and manage their endpoint cybersecurity, as well as small offices that prefer to manage their own security in-house. Set-up and deployment take just minutes, security issues can be resolved in an instant, and the service uses minimal device resources. The BullGuard Cloud Admin Portal is designed exclusively to meet small office endpoint management requirements, providing easy and comprehensive real-time management of all devices:

●      Easy deployment: A company administrator simply emails employees from the portal and they click on a link and register without the need for any credentials to be entered. This includes fixed workstations as well as personal mobile devices (BYOD).

●        Safe mobile working: Devices are completely secured enabling employees in the field to go safely about their business. Missing devices can be located and remotely locked or wiped.

●        Remote management: BullGuard Small Office Security provides an immediate 360-degree view of device security status, which in turn enables remote actions such as applying updates, disabling, enabling and restarting devices as well as the management of quarantined files.

●        Red flags: Malware infections spread rapidly and those such as ransomware can take businesses down in seconds. An alert system provides immediate notification about security events allowing instant remedial action, ensuring the company isn’t held hostage by cyber criminals.

●        Filter out danger: Blocks malicious websites, phishing emails and browser plug-ins and extensions that are known to be dangerous, keeping the company and employees safe from harmful downloads

●        Stay ahead of remote device infections: Sometimes devices can be infected via a USB or by plugging into a computer outside of the company network. In these cases, BullGuard Small Office Security detects, blocks and notifies the administrator. It also sends an alert if a device has been offline for too long.

●        Simple employee management: When an employee leaves or joins the company the relevant computing device is simply disabled via the portal, while security for new employee devices is just as easily enabled.

●        Group settings: Many websites can hide malicious code and some IP addresses can be identified as the source of undesirable websites and server hosts. An administrator can use group settings to stop suspicious websites and server hosts from causing harm to the company network and individual endpoints.

●        Full reports: Provides complete reports on device status, threats and tasks so that nothing is overlooked

“We have made cybersecurity a less daunting challenge for small business owners, making it simple for them to stop professional cybercriminals from gaining access to their company’s data, intellectual property and funds. Now, small companies can enjoy complete endpoint protection from a trusted brand and get on with the more important task of running their business,” added Paul Lipman.

To find out more about BullGuard Small Office Security, please visit: www.bullguard.com/business

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