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Sunday, May 28, 2023
Point Zero Forum

Bud​ ​Partners​ ​with​ ​WiseAlpha​ ​to​ ​Add​ ​Senior​ ​Secured​ ​and​ ​High​ ​Yield​ ​Bond​ ​Investments​ ​to their​ ​Platform

Bud has announced a partnership with online lending-market WiseAlpha, creating new investment opportunities in fixed income for their users.

WiseAlpha presents investments in senior secured and high yield bonds, many of which offer returns of between 4-8% in large, well-known British corporates such as Virgin Media, Ocado and Debenhams. Before now, these fixed income investment opportunities were only available to pensions funds, funds, investment banks and ultra-high net worth individuals, however WiseAlpha has opened this market to the everyday investor. The partnership will see Bud distributing WiseAlpha’s investment opportunities to its growing client base of individual investors who are focussed on wealth enhancement.

Rezaah Ahmad, CEO of WiseAlpha commented: “This partnership is borne out of a like-minded desire to reach the financial services customers of tomorrow and create greater choice and access to the most exciting and potentially lucrative asset classes and investment opportunities. We look forward to working with Bud on future innovations that can benefit all types of private investor in their ambition to accumulate wealth.

Bud has seen a rise in investment partners joining their partnership programme, such as RateSetter, Scalable Capital and Assetz Capital. The low-interest rates of bank savings accounts and the growth of robo-investors and asset managers have led to increased interest in the sector.

WiseAlpha’s current list of investment opportunities is full of familiar household names such as Virgin Media, RAC, Debenhams and Tesco, and with some of their bond yields at 8%1+ (as of 12/09/17), they offer an attractive alternative to the digital wealth managers and robo-advisors on the platform.

Alan Walsh, Head of Network & Partnerships at Bud added, “This is a new opportunity giving every-day investors the chance to invest in their favourite brands, which may also be places where they are spending their money today. The further opportunities Rezaah and his team have discussed will also be an exciting addition to Bud’s Market.”

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