Monday, June 24, 2024 Becomes First Crypto Accounting Platform To Integrate Zilliqa Blockchain, an industry-leading platform for crypto tracking, management and accounting, has announced their custom integration with Zilliqa to provide owners of Zilliqa tokens, or those that operate on its blockchain, with the ability to track and manage their assets and transactions on the Blox platform. This marks the first time a crypto management platform has integrated with one of today’s leading public blockchain projects.

The Blox platform enables intelligent automation to track crypto assets and transactions, providing businesses and accountants with an all-in-one solution for organizing accounts, classifying transactions and managing asset activity or balance. With Blox technology, there is no need for businesses to develop expensive and complicated in-house solutions. The platform and mobile app are built specifically to be smart, accurate and allow businesses to save on costs, time and resources, while keeping them securely connected to their crypto assets anytime, anywhere.

Alon Muroch, CEO and Co-founder of, said: “For the first time, people using Zilliqa wallets and tokens or the Zilliqa public blockchain can leverage Blox to get an additional financial layer that was previously unavailable to users and investors. We want to improve the operational and productivity workflow for blockchain businesses in need of smarter financial solutions, and we see this milestone as a positive step toward making business cases for blockchain integration more broadly.”

The newly launched, fully-functioning Zilliqa public blockchain enables developers to write and deploy smart contracts with its safe-by-design smart contract language, Scilla, offering greater security guarantees on the language level. Built for enterprise use, Zilliqa allows for increased efficiencies in cost, transparency, and security for clients and end users. To date, Zilliqa has achieved partnerships across a number of industry verticals including financial services, media, advertising, gaming, and entertainment.

Amrit Kumar, President and Co-Founder of Zilliqa, said: “Blox’s integration of Zilliqa to its cryptocurrency asset management platform is poised to enable the further growth of our token economy to the benefit of our loyal community, token holders, and investors alike. With this additional layer of infrastructural support that will improve both efficiency and user experience, we believe that Blox is developing financial solutions that are integral to the growth of cryptocurrency adoption.”

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