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Blackcatcard Reveals Offering for Teenagers

Blackcatcard Reveals Offering for Teenagers | Fintech Finance

Blackcatcard is allowing 16+ teenagers to open an individual Euro IBAN account with a personal payment card. They get to enjoy all features that are available for a regular account, except for the crypto-service, which is activated once they turn 18.

The new generation is more advanced than the previous ones. With easy access to information, Gen Z adults are already more financially sophisticated than any previous generation at their age. This level of financial literacy comes from various sources, however, the leading one is social media like Youtube and TikTok. Gen Z adults prefer online banking to traditional banking, with 99% of them using mobile banking apps.

Blackcatcard offers teenagers a variety of bonus programs, including a 2.2% annual rate on account balance, 2% cashback on all Amazon purchases, 5% cashback on all GooglePlay purchases, and more. Maintenance of one IBAN account and one card is free. Clients can also have a preferred name or any nickname printed on card.

Blackcatcard is widely accepted all over the globe. Payment cards are available for clients from the EEA, or Switzerland. Applicants from other countries have access to all of the service’s features, except for the payment card. The card is issued within 24 hours, as the virtual card is instantly available on account opening.

“I believe that we’ve finally reached an age when a lot of teenagers under 18 have a better grasp on personal finance. It’s highly beneficial to have a headstart in applying the knowledge, as this may lead to wiser moneymanagement in the future,” – says Olegs Cernisevs, CTO at Blackcatcard.


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