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Bitcoin-Only App, Relai, Enables Super Fast 24/7 Bitcoin Investing With Instant Payments In Europe

Bitcoin-Only App, Relai, Enables Super Fast 24/7 Bitcoin Investing With Instant Payments In Europe | Fintech Finance

Relai, the bitcoin savings and investment app, will now provide the fastest access to bitcoin in Europe as it adds instant EUR trading to its platform. New and existing CHF and EUR users will be able to buy and sell bitcoin at superspeed as the company doubles down on customer experience and growth across the continent.

Thanks to the update, EU-based users will unlock SEPA (Single European Payment Area) instant payments, radically reducing the processing time for each transaction. Usually, a Swiss bank transfer to fund trades would take 1-4 working days to go through, but European Relai users will now see their money moved within 10 seconds to five minutes on a round-the-clock basis, 365 days a year. Those who set up a recurring investment plan will also benefit from a one-time 10 EUR/CHF bonus. The move gives investors more control over when they buy, allowing them to respond quickly to changes in the market. And crucially, as the cost of living crisis continues to bite and purse strings tighten, users will be able to top up their fiat wallet instantly and access cash when they need it. The move ties in with one of Relai’s guiding ambitions – to give investors as much control over their money as possible. As a matter of principle, the app provides exclusively non-custodial wallets, a term which means users have full say over what happens to their assets.

On every Relai account, the user has sole ownership of the key – a private code that authorises transactions – meaning their investments cannot be frozen by any third party, including Relai itself, no matter their authority. This is a standout feature as investors worldwide are finding themselves locked out of their accounts by competitor exchanges, and something Relai is asserting should be made mandatory.

Julian Liniger, CEO and Co-Founder of Relai, comments, “After our super successful Crowdcube raise, we’re delighted to be moving into the next stage of our business journey – bringing our product to more people who are hungry to explore other ways of investing their hard-earned cash and storing its value. Something we’re really passionate about here at Relai is removing the barriers to bitcoin saving and investing, not just from an education and understanding perspective, but also from a standpoint of actually being able to buy and store bitcoin simply and efficiently. So we’re hugely excited to be bringing Relai to more customers in more countries and in their own currency.

“And the instant payment functionality will be a great plus for our European customers, giving them that extra layer of control over when they put their money in and when they take it out, and really make the most of the changing market. Ultimately, investing should be all about control – and we’re giving our users as much of it as possible.”


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