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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Automated Deposit ATMs Are Key Component of Branch Transformation

New research highlights continued growth in the deployment of automated deposit ATMs and finds the technology is often a key component of banks’ branch transformation programmes

Nearly a third of ATMs worldwide now offer automated deposit


31% of ATMs worldwide now include automated deposit functionality, according to Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2020, a highly respected annual study of the global ATM market, published by RBR. The research found that the share of ATMs with such technology increased by three percentage points in 2014, and that banks deploy automated deposit terminals (ADTs) for a wide range of reasons, some strategic, others more operational.

While many banks use ADTs to increase branch efficiency by migrating routine transactions from tellers to the more economical self-service channel, others are increasingly deploying the technology as part of much broader branch transformation initiatives; increasing self-service provision while focusing on value-added services in branches. In addition, assisted self-service terminals – at which deposit is frequently a central service offering – have been deployed or piloted in every region, with substantial programmes being undertaken in many markets including China, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Turkey, the UK and USA.

Automated deposit far more common in Asia-Pacific than any other region

Automated deposit functionality is now available on 45% of ATMs in Asia-Pacific, home to Japan, China and South Korea, the world’s three largest automated note deposit markets. Chinese banks alone added 73,500 new ADTs in 2014. Sisi Wang, RBR’s China country specialist notes, “branch transformation is playing an increasingly important role in driving ATM deployment. Even in a relatively low wage economy such as China, banks believe they can generate efficiencies by migrating cash transactions to self-service channels.”

In contrast to the Asia-Pacific region, Latin American deployers have historically not utilised automated deposit technology. However, a number of deployers in the region have now demonstrated its business case, and others are following suit. ADT numbers in Latin America grew by more than half to 11,000 during 2014, of which almost 30% belonged to Mexican deployers.

Share of ATMs Offering Automated Deposit, by Region, 2014

Source: Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2020 (RBR)



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