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Saturday, April 13, 2024

ATMIA Publishes Research Report of the Independent ATM sector in the UK

ATMIA has published a new research report of the Independent ATM sector in the United Kingdom. The study is the next phase of its global study of IAD (Independent ATM Deployer) markets and opportunities.

“ATMIA is delighted to follow up our earlier successful reports on IAD markets in America and Canada with a new study of one of the most well-developed independent ATM sectors in the world,” explained Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “The association is determined to produce world-class retail sector industry research at reasonable prices and has identified a gap in retail banking research, namely the IAD markets of the world.”

In this new industry report, the research editor, industry veteran and award-winning consultant, Leland Englebardt, of Upshot Advisers, interprets the data and trends analysis to show a mature market which still has opportunities for further growth.

“ATMIA would also like to thank Ron Delnevo, Executive Director of ATMIA Europe, and Debbie Smyth, International Industry Adviser, for their invaluable assistance in creating such a useful study,” Lee said.

The report gives an overview of ATMs in the UK, backed by economic and market data, as well as by information on bank branches and cash demand and ATM density. It also covers ATM revenue sources, including Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) at ATMs, various competitive factors, interchange rates and new potentially dominant evolving technologies like NFC. Security challenges and industry issues are also studied.

“We believe the report offers a complete picture of the IAD market in the UK at a competitive price.” Lee concluded. “If you want to understand the UK’s current and emerging independent ATM market, or to do a SWOT analysis of it, you need look no further than this well-researched, fact-based study by one of the industry’s leading voices of reason.”

Members may purchase the paper here for $250. Non-members may purchase the paper here for $650.

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