Monday, June 24, 2024

AppRiver Announces New Secure Electronic Signature Solution for Businesses

AppRiver, LLC, a leading provider of email messaging and Web security solutions, today announced the addition of a secure electronic signature solution to its CipherPost Pro email encryption platform.

AppRiver’s new secure e-signature offering, which integrates directly into Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 and other Web-based email clients, provides an alternative to costly and inefficient signing and transmission of paper documents with a simple “click-to-acknowledge” way to e-sign documents right in email.  AppRiver’s CipherPost Pro includes secure messaging, file sharing, email tracking, and document e-signatures on a monthly subscription.

Whether it is signing and exchanging contracts, medical records, or financial information, businesses and organisations of just about any size need to exchange signed documents,” explains David Liberatore, senior director of technical product management, AppRiver.  “And by the very nature of the intent of a signature, that information is usually important, sensitive, confidential, or all three.”

CipherPost Pro’s new e-signature solution keeps documents encrypted and secure, from the sender’s inbox to the signatory’s, even when stored. Whether a lawyer, engineer, or doctor, from complex agreements needing multiple signatures to digital blueprints to x-rays, all documents can be signed within seconds.

As the actual file that is being signed lives within the cloud on the secure messaging portal, it is updated centrally whenever someone e-signs in the preview window. There is no actual document that gets passed around between the sender and the required signatories, so no danger of the original being lost, damaged or delayed.

For instance, legal firms will often need to have official documents and binding contracts countersigned by multiple parties. The file is stored centrally, and then shared with guest users who can follow the link and electronically sign the documents, without the actual document ever being transmitted to the guests’ inboxes.

In addition to helping businesses remain compliant, AppRiver’s cloud-based e-signature solution helps customers improve productivity and lower costs, including costly courier, fax or email/print/scan scenarios. It gives users a convenient, fast way to e-sign and exchange various types and sizes of electronic documents and protects documents and sensitive or regulated data.

Our customers want technology that enhances their business while saving them time and money, which has long been the promise of CipherPost Pro,” said Joel Smith, CTO at AppRiver.  “Our new secure e-signature functionality complements our messaging security and large file solution by enabling users to authorise and e-sign documents of all sizes easily without worrying about data security or privacy. Not only is it exceptionally easy to implement and use, it also delivers substantial cost savings.”

With secure e-signatures, signatories sign documents by clicking on the attachment in their email, typing their name into the e-signature certificate field, and clicking to acknowledge their signature.  All of this occurs right within their email client. In addition, CipherPost Pro automatically tracks documents and alerts the sender when documents are signed via desktop and mobile alert notifications.

Additional features of AppRiver’s secure e-signature solution include:

§  Maximum security.  Encrypt and protect documents in one click. Files are fully secured and signed documents are stored encrypted.

§  User authentication.  Every user is authenticated before e-signing and sending a document.

§  E-signature non-repudiation.  Full authentication, tracking and e-signing data is appended to the document.

§  Real-time activity alerts.  Users receive automatic notifications of e-signatures and message activity.

§  Selectable data residency.  Choose a data center location for documents and emails for regulatory compliance.

§  Support for large files and various file types.  Validate sizable documents such as complex PDFs as well as other file types, including x-rays, without size limitations.

§  Contributed to original sender.  Emails to signatories originate from the sender’s name, eliminating confusion about who owns and sent the information.

§  Mobile functionality.  Messages can be sent, signed and tracked through mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Blackberry 10.

The subscription price for a CipherPost Messaging Pro Account, which includes secure e-signatures, in addition to enterprise-level security, tracking, and control for sharing messages, large files, and information workflows, is £5.60 per month per user and free for guest users.

The new secure e-signature functionality is available for new and existing customers starting May 11, 2016.

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