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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Apple’s Credit Card Is Here: Are Banks Ready?

Michal Kissos Hertzog, CEO, digital-only bank Pepper said:

“The launch of Apple’s credit card is merely another stepping stone in the tech giants’ disruption of banking services. The new card, which promises better user privacy, control and transparency, is a product of a company focusing on its customers – something the incumbents so often fail to do. 

Our research, released earlier this year, found that 64% of decision-makers at the UK’s top retail banks believe that Open Banking regulations have given tech giants, like Amazon and Google, an advantage over traditional banks. But, if anything, this perceived advantage presents an opportunity for banks. While Open Banking may appear to have levelled the playing field with incumbents, their financial knowledge and built-up customer trust means they still have the advantage. However, as many still work to a profit and loss business model, this advantage isn’t being capitalised on.

Apple’s latest conquest is the wake-up call needed for them to reinvent the banking experience and become truly customer-obsessed. By adopting a digital core and a culture that promotes collaboration with tech companies, banks will do just that and ultimately have their piece of the (apple) pie.”

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