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Friday, April 19, 2024

Anova Financial Networks Delivers Fastest Known Transport Between Largest US Stock Exchanges

Anova Financial Networks, an international carrier and market data provider, announces today that it has tested and will be shortly deploying the fastest wireless solution from Mahwah, New Jersey, to Secaucus, New Jersey – a critical leg of the New Jersey Equity Triangle.

In addition to the latency benefits afforded to electronic trading firms, Anova deployed higher throughput radios along its optimized route to increase capacity by 5X within this crucial corridor. Finally, through the utilization of a 10Gbps interface backbone, this new route enables faster serialization of financial market data at the port levels.

As is standard Anova fashion, the breadth of product offerings will include bandwidth as well as the transport of bi-directional, raw market data from both exchanges across nearly all of the feed sets.

“Anova prides itself on pushing the technology envelope and delivering democratized access to expedited trade information for the most critical global financial instruments, which in turn leads to better price transparency, market efficiency and liquidity,” said Mike Persico, Founder and CEO of Anova Financial Networks.

The current Laser Transport System (LTS) within the Equity Triangle will remain in use and function as the high availability offering for firms looking for guaranteed data delivery.

“We continue our activity on improvements to the Laser Transport System that in practice, increased its reliability to 100%. And in doing so, we feel like we’ve now fully covered the spectrum of potential client requirements – highest availability and lowest latency, with each being delivered over a discrete system tailored to its respective function,” stated Kieran Athy, CTO of Anova Financial Networks.

For more information about Anova Financial Networks, please call 312.540.9594, email info@anovanetworks.com or visit www.anovanetworks.com.

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