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Friday, March 24, 2023
City Week 2023

Analytics Company Declares War On False Information – “Artificial Intelligence Hype a Humongous Bubble”

Analytics company InsightsAtlas asserts that hype about Artificial Intelligence is a humongous bubble merely waiting to be punctured. Important decisions are made every day based on false and incorrect information, leading to significant monetary losses and misconceptions. 

Lacking better alternatives, the majority of companies tend to trust false and incorrect information. This happens, for instance, when one tries to infer from online conversations what customers truly appreciate about products and services, and what they criticize. Similar situations arise when companies try to comprehend what is happening in their industries or to identify trolls from genuine commentators.

One of the root causes for this is that the nature of online conversation has taken a visual turn as pictures and video clips have replaced textual conversation. Moreover, the internet has always been fond of its own language, typically accented by sarcasm, irony and slang expressions.

Lately, artificial intelligence has been declared as the solution for almost any imaginable challenge, including reliable intepretation of online conversations. In reality, that would require an AI to possess human-like intelligence, which is yet to be achieved even by the most advanced super computers – contrary to what some marketeers might claim. For the interpretations of data and online conversations to be correct and reliable, humans are still needed as a part of the analytics loop.

– This is commonly referred to as the AI Complete problem, says Janne Anttila, CTO of InsightsAtlas. It means that for the AI to become the solution to the problem, it should be capable of making similar multi-dimensional interpretations and conclusions, even on an emotional level, as a human does. It’s unequivocally impossible with any current or near-future technology. If it was possible, we would already be living in a dystopia ruled by the infamous Skynet of the Terminator movies.


Combination of Mass Human-intelligence and Advanced Computer Algorithms to the Rescue

InsightsAtlas, from Oulu, Finland, is, amongst the first on the market to solve the problem with its proprietary Software as a Service solution that combines mass human intelligence with advanced computer algorithms. The service, a result of years of hard development, engages up to six million dedicated in-market human analysts all over the world in near real-time interpretation and analysis of data in support of computer algorithms. As a result, the service produces analysis of the highest quality and accuracy possible.

– We aim to be the most preferred and responsible analytics provider on the market for clean and accurate data. In practice, our service already produces the same benefits that are expected of future AI applications. We have solved one of the biggest problems related to the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence, states Jarkko Jokirinta, CEO of InsightsAtlas.

– We believe that we’re truly advocating a cause that is of great interest to people. Nobody wants to make decisions based on bad information – neither in their everyday lives nor at their work. In the modern-day world, every company is entitled to clean and accurate data to fuel their business and decision-making instead of making compromises with quality and relevance. Clean and accurate data is the value proposition that will completely change industries in the future. In the end, customers, being at the very center or every business, are the ones who always benefit the most from accurate information, Jokirinta continues.

So, InsightsAtlas has declared war on false information. The company also wants to partly democratize its venture and has started a growth funding round in collaboration with crowdfunding service Invesdor, offering everyone a chance to become a shareholder in InsightsAtlas.

– It’s rare to be invited to join a company’s growth story at this phase of the journey. Furthemore, it’s possible that we will list the company on a stock exchange at some point. So, we decided to test the extent to which people would want to be an active part of such a ride, Jokirinta concludes.

More information about the company and the funding round https://invesdor.com/insightsatlas

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