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AllianceBlock Partners With Graypes To Connect Investors With Vetted Startups Looking for Liquidity

AllianceBlock Partners With Graypes To Connect Investors With Vetted Startups Looking for Liquidity | Fintech Finance

In line with its mission to bridge the gap between decentralized and traditional finance, AllianceBlock has announced a strategic partnership with Graypes GmbH, a Swiss-based company using algorithms and AI to rate startups and vett opportunities for investors.

AllianceBlock and Graypes are teaming up to provide the global investment community with a unique Fast Track to Investment (FTI) service. Through FTI, businesses can be evaluated and then micro/seed-funded at record speeds, helping to provide swift and reliable investment to businesses, drastically reducing time and cost spent on evaluation processes. This service will target retail and professional investors and will be based on top rated businesses with a focus on technology such as Fintech, PropTech and SaaS, as well as more conventional startup models.

This will be a mutually beneficial partnership; AllianceBlock will integrate Graypes’ leading business rating technology and company assessment mechanisms into its decentralized peer-to-peer funding protocol, AllianceBlock Fundrs. This enables smarter investment, lending, and borrowing in the decentralized finance space. In tandem, Graypes will gain access to the Fundrs platform enhancing their ability to support their existing network of entrepreneurs.

Commenting, Rachid Ajaja, CEO and Co-founder of AllianceBlock, said, “The finance industry is still lacking a verified vetting system to allow investors to identify and invest in promising startups. Recent interest amongst leading institutional players is a testament to the demand for integrated products like these, where costs and time are vastly reduced without compromising on proper due diligence. In addition, many startups face issues with accessing capital from reliable sources. Our new partnership with Graypes will create a unique, verifiable, and trustworthy funding ecosystem that increases capital flows between investors and startups through data-driven verification.”

Federico Carrasco, CEO and Founder of Graypes, said, “There is a real gap in the startup investment market for fast, reliable services that help global businesses to receive evaluation and access the funding they need to grow. Co-developed with AllianceBlock, the Fast Track to Investment (FTI) service will provide investment capital to businesses while reducing time spent on assessment and funding in a decentralized environment.”

Ajaja concluded, “Our partnership with Graypes represents another milestone in AllianceBlock’s growth, bringing us closer to making our vision of an integrated financial sector a reality. By integrating Graypes solutions with AllianceBlock Fundrs, we have created an invaluable opportunity for investors to optimize decision making across the board and make data driven decisions about projects. In addition, startups will benefit from increased capital flows from reputable industry investors. We believe that delivering on this commitment is essential to the future of the global financial system.”


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