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Sunday, February 05, 2023
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Alinea Reinvents Creative Investing For Gen Z

Alinea, created by 24-year-olds Anam Lakhani and Eve Halimi, introduces an innovative new investment platform for Gen Z. Backed by the widely respected startup accelerator Y Combinator, Alinea shepherds its users through personalized investing recommendations, while viewing investing as a form of self-expression. Alinea dismantles the barriers that Gen Z associates with investing and creates an inclusive community catering towards the diverse generation and demographics who have been overlooked.

Alinea is changing the financial stigma by allowing users to invest with as little as $1 for fractional shares of stocks and ETFs to further expand on their mission of inclusivity. Alinea also features “playlists,” or groups of stocks that can be customized based on users’ personal values and lifestyles to grow value-aligned wealth. Alinea offers preset playlists to invest in with options such as Fight Climate Change, LGBTQ+ Empowerment, Black Lives Matter, and Female-Founded companies.

“Gen Z has roughly $360B to spend, but our generation has been widely overlooked when it comes to investing, with only Wall Street Bros making the headlines,” said Co-Founders Anam Lakhani and Eve Halimi. “We started Alinea because none of our female friends knew anything about investing,” said Eve Halimi. “We wanted to start the conversation and encourage Gen Z to invest in companies they valued and believed in, and so we decided to build an app that helps you do just that,” said Co-Founder Anam Lakhani. The app has garnered interest and secured $2.1M in funding from Y Combinator, Goodwater, Harvard, Kima Ventures, and strategic investors such as Jonathan Cherki.

Other traditional, old-school platforms have failed to allow retail investors to invest according to their personal values. Alinea solves this issue by encouraging investors to express their individuality and create wealth congruent with their interests. Alinea aims to create a shift in which investing reflects corporate values as opposed to corporate profits by providing users with personalized suggestions and bite-sized insights about companies.

Alinea acts as a guide to investors of all experience levels and provides support and advice for users’ most common pain points. The use of Alinea is anxiety-free and leads the conversation around impact investing through the overarching mission statement of helping new investors curate financial wellness without the stressful, gamified experience common with other apps.

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