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Monday, June 05, 2023
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AI Tool CommerceIQ to Revolutionise SME E-Commerce

Smarter.ai, provider of AI solutions for the global SME marketplace, has just unveiled their ground-breaking e-commerce tool, CommerceIQ, setting a new industry standard in usable AI. Leveraging the power of its marketplace model, Smarter has seamlessly integrated analytical machine learning apps with innovative generative AI capabilities, allowing businesses of all sizes to create unique, personalized customer engagements at scale and compete with large enterprises like never before. With CommerceIQ’s unique combination of generative AI’s incredible creativity and analytical AI’s deep learning capabilities, it provides prescriptive recommendations that can be automatically implemented, streamlining the marketing process for SMEs.

“This technology enables smaller companies to reclaim their space in the e-commerce ecosystem where they have been dwarfed for so long by the e-commerce giants with teams of data scientists and marketing specialists.” said Francesco Benincasa, CEO of Smarter.ai.

Designed to connect natively with Shopify and Klaviyo, CommerceIQ provides businesses with the flexibility to connect with other platforms upon request and manually load data via .csv/.txt files. This makes it easy for any business owner to take advantage of the powerful suite’s capabilities, regardless of their technical skills or resources. Recent studies have shown that AI-powered E-commerce solutions can help businesses increase efficiency by up to 30% and drive sales growth by up to 10%. With AI, businesses can achieve 3 times faster revenue growth, 50% higher lead generation, and 25% higher sales productivity, according to Forrester.

Smarter.ai’s CommerceIQ is poised to revolutionize the e-commerce industry, providing SMEs with the tools they need to succeed in the digital economy and flourish in the meritocracy e-commerce was always meant to be.

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