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Thursday, May 30, 2024

ACI Worldwide and SWIFT Empower Banks to Take Advantage of Real-Time, Cross-Border Payments Revolution

ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions, today announced the launch of two new capabilities to support banks to fully enable SWIFT’s global payments innovation (gpi) service.

ACI, the first certified vendor of SWIFT gpi solutions and a SWIFT partner for more than 20 years, is offering two new capabilities to help banks derive the full value of SWIFT gpi –  ACI Swift gpi Data Service and ACI SWIFT gpi Connect. Both are designed to enable banks to take full advantage of today’s new real-time, cross-border payment opportunities, and differentiate their services from competitors, both those that are gpi-enabled and those that have yet to join.

Launched in 2017, SWIFT gpi has quickly become the new de facto standard in global payments. More than 160 banks have so far signed up to the service and are now sending and receiving funds quickly and securely to anyone, anywhere in the world, with full transparency over where a payment is at any given moment. The next step for many of the banks that have signed up for SWIFT gpi is to develop added value services for customers, leveraging the enriched data available as part of the new format.

ACI’s SWIFT gpi capabilities are available as part of the UP Real-Time Payments Solution and ACI Money Transfer System. Banks that already use the ACI Money Transfer System (MTS) can benefit from built-in gpi capability, as well as the ACI SWIFT gpiData Service – to offer the full benefits of gpi to their customers. Banks that currently use another payment engine can take advantage of ACI SWIFT gpi Connect to enable full gpi functionality without reengineering their existing payments engine – by using GPI services within the UP Real-Time Payments Solution.

SWIFT gpi has quickly established itself as the new benchmark for faster cross-border payments, but the next step participating banks must take is to drive further value from their investment,” said Craig Ramsey, Head of Real-Time Payments, ACI Worldwide. “Effectively leveraging the richer data of SWIFT gpi messages will enable banks to improve the customer experience and differentiate against competitors to gain market share. ACI’s solutions for SWIFT gpi ensure banks can take full advantage of today’s new real-time, cross-border payment opportunities and get ahead of the competition.

Features at a glance:

-Full gpi participation and benefits for banks

-All gpi data fully available to customer channels via APIs

-End-to-end tracking and transaction data stored in accessible databases

-Direct connection into the SWIFT central database to monitor inbound and outbound gpi transactions

-Create a full bank and customer view with gpi Data Service or gpi Connect

To find out more please visit ACI SWIFT gpi solutions

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