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Monday, March 04, 2024

A new Personal Financial Money Management Solution for Singaporeans

eWise, a leading provider of personal financial data management solutions, announcedtoday its strategic partnership with Singapore’s WeInvest, a digital wealth management solutions provider. Their latest product streamlines the investment process by personal wealth tracking and goal-based investing services generally available only to high net-worth individuals, through a secure platform for individuals.

WeInvest is launching its new Personal Wealth Management tool for investors called TrackWealth, enabling clients to conveniently aggregate their financial information across institutions and analyse their complete portfolio. Trackwealth consolidates their financial data across all banks and brokers, and helps them assess their investment health covering portfolio performance, Income &Expense, cashflows and allocations across regions, asset classes and currencies.

TrackWealth’s consolidation feature is built on the highly secure and patented eWise Aegis solution. This online consolidation helps users make sense of their finances and manage their investments better, while ensuring utmost privacy and security adhering to the current Singaporean Data regulation environment. Investors store their personal information within an encrypted Personal Data Vault on their chosen device. With the solution, the user never needs to disclose their online credentials to a third party in order toperform the aggregation. eWise Aegis provides the user with full control and privacy over their personal data, allowing them to actively manage permission settings and share data on terms that suit them.

The eWise Aegis solution, currently used by many of the world’s most innovative financial institutions including Westpac Australia,was selected by WeInvest for its patented and secure Personal Data Vault and client-side Account Aggregation technology.

TrackWealth is set to reach clients in Singapore and plans to expand across South East Asia. Effective and intelligent solutions totrack portfolios were previously only accessible to the Ultra High Net Worth market, but are now accessible to every family inSingapore.

“We wanted to help Singaporeans make informed decisions about their investment options while abiding to current data and privacyregulations. We found eWise Aegis to have the most suitable architecture to address our clients’ concerns regarding their online user credentials and security of their personal financial data.” said Bhaskar Prabhakara, Co-Founder & CEO at WeInvest.

“We are excited to see our patented client-side account aggregation technology delivering consumer-centric personal financial data management for Singaporeans. We worked closely with the team from WeInvest to enhance our aggregation of investment account data for the Singapore market, in order for WeInvest to provide the very first wealth tracking & robo-advisor platform for Singaporean investors” said David Hamilton, CEO at eWise. “TrackWealth delivers remarkable improvement in the way Singaporean investors comprehend their finances.”

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