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10th Anniversary of Mobile Banking Apps

10th Anniversary of Mobile Banking Apps | Fintech Finance

In May 2011, the Royal Bank of Scotland allowed customers to manage their banking transactions on their mobile phones. Fast forward to 2021, mobile banking has become commonplace and 76% of people in Britain regularly used online banking apps in 2020, whether it be through their traditional bank or a digital-only bank.

Regardless of its popularity, there is much more that could be done to integrate mobiles with modern self-service digital banking, according to Mark Aldred, Banking Specialist at Auriga:

“More work and greater ambition is needed on how smartphones can replace debit and credit cards including for authentication on self-service devices, transforming the ATM infrastructure and the way customers interact with their banks on a larger scale. Card-less access via smartphone can also be a key weapon in the war against ATM cyber-attacks because the customer doesn’t insert their debit card or sensitive information into a potentially hacked ATM. But the value of mobile and ATM interactions is more than just about security and it can make self-service banking more accessible too.”


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