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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Simon Pink On How ChatGPT Will Benefit The Insurance Industry

Here, Simon Pink, UK Head Of Emerging Technology at QBE Ventures, elucidates the advantages that ChatGPT will bring to the insurance industry.

QBE Ventures is an investment arm of QBE Insurance Group, focused on identifying and supporting innovative startups and technologies that have the potential to disrupt and advance the insurance industry through strategic investments and partnerships.

“For example, ‘Which of these two things are better?’ and it will give you an answer. Even if they’re both rubbish, it will give you an answer, which is subtly different from the likes of Siri and Alexa, that’s more knowledge retrieval.”

“This uptake of ChatGPT, it’s gone to 100 million users now, within two months … We’re seeing that because it’s so pervasive, because we can all use it, because we can all understand it, we can consume it, it’s having a real impact on life, society and it will have an impact on our industry.”

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