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Monday, May 20, 2024

Payments Race 6: Round the World


Payments Race V: New York to Las Vegas

Payments Race IV: Istanbul to Amsterdam

Payments Race III: Hong Kong to Singapore

Payments Race II: Toronto to Las Vegas

Payments Race: London to Copenhagen

The Payments Race is Finished! Thanks to everyone who came and support us on Social Media – we ended up trending higher then the official hashtag at some points!

We are pleased to announced we will be doing a second race, this time over seven days from Toronto to Las Vegas to link in with both Sibos and Money 20/20.

Announcements will be made soon on some of the racers…


To view our presentation in VR, have a look at the link below:






14:35 CEST 25/6/17

Kevin has made it!


14:28 CEST 25/6/17

Stu is somewhere in Copenhagen, trying to get his coins exchanged. Dave is somewhere is the south of England. Misha is having swipe and sign issues, and Kevin is on a ferry in southern Denmark…

Latest Vlogs:






18:33 CEST 24/6/17

Jordan “Dusty” Drew arrived at the Bella Centre yesterday…

… as did Giorgio




10:26 CEST 24/6/17

Right, so far against all the odds, the first person to reach the Bella Centre is Ash Cooper (!) using only gold. That’s right, gold. In order to come first, he now just has to not forfeit to win!



Ali has arrived second at the Bella Centre after a wobbly start, managed to make it in £30 instillments.


Kevin is currently in Paris, after checking out the JCB Plaza



Dave is looking on twitter for people to accept Bitcoin.

Misha has been visiting travel agents, and last time we checked, Stu, Jordan and Giorgio were all around Gatwick







I am pleased to announce that we will be speaking on the first day of Money 2020 Europe

Our presentation is more of an experiment…

On the Friday before the event, we have a group of ‘Vloggers’ leaving Trafalgar Square to head to Copenhagen… but there’s a catch. Each ‘Vlogger’ is only allowed to use one form of payment method!

Their payment options include Chip and Pin, Mag strip, Bitcoin, Mobile Payments, Pennies (!) only, Gold Bullion, Cheques and potentially more!

The entire “race” will be documented on camera, leading up to Money 2020 Europe, with each person armed with a “Vlog Camera” and a limited budget in their chosen category.

For the presentation, we will have the ”contestants”  come on stage to talk about the limitations and positives they faced using only one type of payment. We will then have a video link up with those contestants who were unable to make it to the Bella Centre.

You can even place your bets here via PaddyPower Fintech Finance Money 2020 Race