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Thursday, May 30, 2024

N26’s Will Sorby On How Cloud Tech Can Help Institutions Provide New Services

Will Sorby, Director of Product Strategy & Monetisation at N26, sits down with FF News’ Douglas Mackenzie to talk about the new products and services that can be provided in the financial ecosystem by utilising the benefits of cloud technology.

“Because we use a modern tech stack built in the cloud. When we think about new products, you’re not starting from a place of ‘We have 6 legacy systems, we need to tie them all together. If we build this new thing, what’s it going to do to impact all these? And, what’s that going to break?”

“This is a bit separate from the cloud, but it’s not entirely because we use a microservice architecture. You can build new things on the side and you can start plugging them in. So, that doesn’t mean we don’t have dependencies between different areas of our products, but we can be much more flexible in saying how we set up to build and iterate.”

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