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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mauro Di Buono – Vitesse – Insurtech Insights Europe 2023

At Insurtech Insights Europe 2023, we were joined in the JobsOhio Lounge by Mauro Di Buono, Corporate Director of Vitesse PSP. Vitesse PSP provides their customers with access to a single connection to a network of domestic clearing systems to help full-value payments land as quickly as possible.

“Insurance is a very emotional subject. When it’s used most of the time if something has gone wrong people ask for a claim and you know to receive their payments on the back of something that has gone wrong. So the question is always, how do I get that process done fast? How do I access my capital in an immediate time so I can make payments as fast as possible?”

“Faster claims payments is a great initiative that Vitesse has launched in partnership with Lloyds in London. The idea behind it is to try to make the funding and the payouts of claims as efficient as possible.”

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