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Monday, September 25, 2023

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Martin Herlinghaus Reveals Who Benefits From Digitising Payments

In this video, Martin Herlinghaus, Director of Corporate Development at Aevi, provides valuable insights into the beneficiaries and advantages of digitising in-person payments. He sheds light on the individuals and organisations that stand to gain from this digital transformation and explains the specific benefits they can expect to reap.

“Everybody can be a winner really, and the reason for this is it’s a systemic problem that we are solving there. In the former days really the processor had been glued to the payment terminals because it was all about efficiency of the payment process and security.”

“[SMEs] can now harmonise their in-person commerce into digital commerce and really run it centrally and roll out innovations far faster than kind of in the previous times and also kind of, let’s say, bring innovation now at the same time as they roll it out in digital commerce.”

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