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Saturday, June 03, 2023
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Mambu’s Justus Roux On The Advantages Of Scaling Up With Cloud-Based Banking

Justus Roux, Solutions Engineering Manager at Mambu, sits down for a discussion with Doug Mackenzie about the advantages of scaling up a financial organization when utilizing cloud-based banking.

“There’s always two terms in terms of running the bank and building the bank, and I’m using banking very loosely here as it can be any financial organization. Let’s think about running the bank, that’s day-to-day operations and then building the bank that’s sort of the innovation of new products.”

“Let’s think of running the bank. When it comes to running the bank, we want to have processes that are best for the client. So you might have a client that might only swipe their card after payday because they are a cash user. So for them, when they go to the ATM, they want to have the ability to go and get their money. But for the bank, it’s a peak, right? So, all the transactions happen that day, it might be long queues and the worst thing is to have the system out that day.”

“This is where cloud banking and other services come in. You have the ability to have peaks and troughs managed without all of the costs that you incur with on-premises.”

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