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Monday, April 15, 2024

Alexandre Eich Gozzi – Chainalysis – Money 20/20 Europe

In our second location at Money 20/20 Europe, Alexandre Eich Gozzi, Senior Account Executive, France – Private Sector with Chainalysis, dropped by the media lounge for a chat around activity and regulation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Chainalysis specialises in blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency investigations. They provide tools and services, using advanced analytics and data-driven approaches to trace, track, and uncover patterns and connections within blockchain networks to help law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges understand and monitor cryptocurrency transactions.

Their primary focus is on mitigating risks associated with illicit activities such as money laundering, fraud, and terrorism financing in the realm of cryptocurrencies through transaction monitoring, risk assessment, compliance solutions, and investigative tools. By analysing blockchain data, they aim to provide insights and intelligence that can assist in identifying and combating criminal activities involving cryptocurrencies.

“So what we’ve seen is that you’ve got all these cycles with ups and downs. We’ve seen regulation pushback, we’ve seen also very good, new topics like MICA in Europe, which is a new market in crypto assets regulation that’s kicking in and which is really going to open the way for crypto in the crypto industry in Europe.”

“we’re seeing a lot of development in crypto in very different places. It’s not only the US or Europe that are leading the market, even if Europe remains the first and biggest region when it comes to crypto adoption, at least in terms of numbers, amounts, everything that’s going in and out of the region, Europe is really the main place to be in… large names in crypto that have been in the US previously, are also setting up HQs in Europe. So it’s going to create jobs.”

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